Trailblazing Customer Loyalty:
How Foxtel Rewards ran their most engaging campaign EVER. 


Campaign Objective

Enhanced Member Loyalty and Encouraged Regular Engagement Through Strategic Partnerships

Foxtel's campaign, aimed at strengthening member loyalty and encouraging continuous engagement, smartly utilised its existing partnership with Crust Pizza. Centred around the popular 'House of the Dragon' series, the campaign aimed to captivate members with exclusive, timely opportunities. By offering attractive rewards, such as weekly pizza giveaways, and integrating these with the HOTD Hub, Foxtel ensured members had compelling reasons to engage regularly. The 12-week campaign was tailored to grab immediate attention from members and foster sustained interaction, thereby deepening member loyalty with unique, engaging, and rewarding experiences.


Dynamic Digital Engagement Strategy with Interactive Features

Foxtel's solution to enhance member engagement and encourage repeat visits integrated multiple innovative digital strategies. A key feature was the interactive Scratch & Win, which invited members to engage weekly, unveiling surprises and potential rewards throughout the 12-week campaign. This feature was bolstered by Entry Validation Tables, maintaining exclusivity for members, and Digital Coupons, which provided immediate prize redemption, thus personalising the experience.

In addition, Foxtel Rewards launched a Live Trivia game on the Komo Platform, offering unique, sought-after prizes and promoting competitive engagement tied to the 'House of the Dragon' series. This interactive game not only entertained but also stimulated ongoing participation via a real-time leaderboard.

Moreover, the campaign's anticipation and engagement were further heightened by a Countdown feature. This element synced with the TV series' airing schedule, reigniting competition and keeping members’ interest alive. To complement these digital efforts, Foxtel employed a comprehensive omnichannel communication strategy. This included using loyalty emails, paid ads, and social media to effectively promote the campaign, ensuring steady member engagement and frequent visits to their digital channels throughout the duration of the series.



The Foxtel Rewards Hub: Transformative Impact and Unprecedented Engagement

The team enabled the online redemption of prizes by integrating gameplay concepts linked to members' Foxtel account numbers. This was smoothly executed through Digital Coupons, delivered directly via SMS and expertly managed by the Komo Platform.

The campaign's impact was extraordinary, engaging an impressive 373,298 participants. This high level of involvement was reflected in an exceptional engagement rate of 69% at the Hub, where the innovative game concepts piqued curiosity and drew participation over 68,000 times.

A key factor in the campaign's success was the strategic use of various channels. An overwhelming 87% of participant traffic stemmed from diverse sources such as social referrals, loyalty emails, and targeted paid ads, all funnelling into the Hub. The Komo Hub itself was central to the campaign, fostering deep and meaningful user interactions.

Moreover, Foxtel amassed a wealth of data through the Komo Hub. Contributions from over 30,209 unique users provided rich insights, enabling a deeper understanding of the target audience. This data became a cornerstone for Foxtel, informing the refinement of future campaigns and enabling more tailored, personalised marketing approaches.

This multifaceted approach cemented this initiative as Foxtel Rewards' most engaging campaign to date!

Client Testimonials

Here’s what the Senior Partnership Manager from the Foxtel Group had to say about working with Komo.

“Throughout the past two years, Komo has proven to be an invaluable addition to our team. Komo's SaaS platform boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the creation of enthralling engagement hubs that surprise and delight our Foxtel Rewards members. As a result, we witnessed an unprecedented surge in engagement. Komo's team delivered exceptional support throughout the process, ensuring our campaign delivered on our objectives. The Komo platform helped us achieve our highest level of engagement for a campaign to date, cementing our confidence in their abilities for future endeavours.”



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